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 How to not get banned from Guild!

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PostSubject: How to not get banned from Guild!   Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:08 pm

When joining this guild a few things to remember.
Fist off having fun is a must! Party with members and Allies as much as possible.
Hacking will result in a permanate ban! We are a no hacking Union and take this seriously!
PK'ing guild members or Allies is not allowed unless it is a mutual agreement between you and the other guild member a freindly little poke is okay but going red is not acceptable unless above fighting procedures are agreed upon. Be sure to read the guild message to find out who our Allies are!
Out side of parka temple as we all know this is a PK zone! Some times guildies get in the way of an aoe this is the exception zone since shit happens and people get killed here. But try not to Pk guildies.
Most of us are grown adults and do not have much tollerence for childish crap. This will apply to All chat applications in or out of game i.e. (Teamspeak, Guild Chat, Party Chat, All Chat.)
Teamspeak is for everyone to use so here are some requirements for the use of teamspeak.
Have a headset with mic. If you can not get it setup several of us use a program called Teamviewer 4 and would be more than happy to log into you computer remotely to help you setup you system is safe we are here to help if you need it. When on teamspeak talking is requred some are quiet people but atleast say hi and join in the conversation if you want to but you can not come in and not say anything. No cry babbies allowed! These things will get you kicked and/or banned!
We joke and give each other shit on TS donot take anything that is said to heart it is just fun and games!
If you get banned from TS only the admin that banned you can allow you back so take it up with them!
If you get banned from the guild you will also be banned from TS and these forums.
These bans are permanate unless you can find a way to get in the good graces of the guild again!

I will post more to these rules as it becomes nessasary.
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How to not get banned from Guild!
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