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 PvP Challenge Event Winners

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PostSubject: PvP Challenge Event Winners   Wed May 27, 2009 5:01 pm

5/27/09- G0ku17 challenged jenn5s to pvp. G0ku17 won the first 2 matches, and jenn5s opted out of the last match. G0ku17 won the prize.

5/31/09- G0ku17 challenged DarthReaper to pvp. DarthReaper won the first and last match, and G0ku17 won the second. DarthReaper won the prize.

5/31/09- OkihiroTakanada challenged BlueFoxSeg to pvp. OkihiroTakanada won the first 2 matches, and BlueFoxSeg opted out of the last match. OkihiroTakanada won the prize.

5/25-6/1 - DarthReaper and OkihiroTakanada are undefeated. Tomorrow is the last day this week. If a challenge does not take place, or they win their challenges, they will win the extra prize.

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PvP Challenge Event Winners
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