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 Commonly Used Game Terms or Abbreviations

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PostSubject: Commonly Used Game Terms or Abbreviations   Tue Jun 02, 2009 9:02 pm


Online Gaming; short for “aggressive.” Used to describe any monster that will attack a character without being first provoked. Sometimes also used to describe the act of a monster attacking, attempting to get a monster to attack, or simply making it “hate” a more durable character greater than a weaker one.


RPG term for “Alternative Character.” Another character played by the same person. Also called secondary character, or backup character.


Gaming abbreviation for “Area of Effect.” A spell or skill that affects any targets that lie within a set radius of the target or person using the AoE. Sometimes also seen as “AE” for “Area Effect.”


A remotely controlled player character, illegally used to gather items or level. A program is used to control the character, but can still be controlled manually. Bots for the purpose of gathering items often wear low level gear, have random letters and numbers for a name, and run in an erratic manner. Also seen as "botting."


Abbreviation for "Be right there."


Any beneficial or enhancement spell, such as speed increases, strength increases, sheilding, etc.


Gaming abbreviation for “direct damage.” Any spell or skill that directly damages a target.


Gaming term for the removal of beneficial spells or the usage of detrimental spells that affect a target’s ability to perform.


Abbreviation for “Dexterity.”


Gaming abbreviation for “Damage Over Time.” Any spell or attack that causes damage slowly over a period of time.


Abbrieviation for “Equipment.”


Gaming Abbreviation for “Experience.” Also written “XP” and “EP.”


Abbreviation for “Game-Master.” In table-top gaming, this term is used to describe the person in charge of guiding the game. It also often refers to an administrator of the game - paid or volunteer - who assists with bugs, item recovery, issues between players, etc.


An illegal change made to the game program. Someone who does this is called a "hacker." Hacking on 2Moons will get you banned, as well as your whole guild. *DISCLAIMER* Anyone in our guild caught hacking will be expelled immediately. This is for information purposes ONLY. If you see anyone hacking, and get provable screenshots or fraps, post a link of it to our "Wall of Shame" and we will report it to Acclaim.

Known 2Moons hacks include:
Teleport Hack-Teleports the character to another location
Unlimited Arrows Hack-Gives the character unlimited arrows or bolts
Undetected Autopot-Lets the character autopot without being seen
Timer Cooldown Hack-Removes the cooldown time on skills
Vac Hack-Lures mobs to follow but don't attack
Wall Hack-Allows the character to run through solid objects, such as walls, hills, etc.
Speed Hack-Allows the character to run at twice the normal speed
Monster Speed Hack-Allows the monsters to run at twice the normal speed
Quick Hands Hack-Allows the character to use all it's skills in rapid succession


Gaming Abbreviation for “Health Points.” Represents the amount a character may be damaged before it is incapacitated.


A method of killing monsters by simply moving faster than they can and attacking from a distance using spells, skills, or ranged weaponry. Most will tend to chase the person attacking in this manner, hence the name. Also seen as “kiting.”


Online Gaming; short for “kill on sight.” Meaning an enemy will attack you without being provoked.


Online Gaming; short for “kill stealing.” Kill stealing is the practice of attacking and killing an enemy already engaged by another player you are not grouped with and without asking if they need help first. Sometimes done deliberately as a way of either gaining easy experience or items without much effort. This is considered extremely rude in most games.


A term used to describe “latency” - which is generally used to refer to a bad or slow connection to a server. Typically, things will appear to slow down greatly. Also sometimes used to describe latency in graphics, usually in a situation when there is too much for your computer and your video card to display at one time.

leet speak

Slang for “elite.” Sometimes also written as “l33t.” Commonly replaces letters with similar looking numbers.


Abbreviation for “Looking For a Guild” Sometimes also a slash command in game that will let other players know that you’re looking to join a guild.


Abbreviation for "Looking For a Party" Sometimes also a slash command in game that will let other players know that you're looking to join a party.


Online Gaming; short for “logging off.” The act of leaving the game to do something else.


Abbreviation for "Laugh out loud"


Abbreviation for “Line of Sight.” Any spell or skill that travels in a straight line in the direction a character is facing.


Abbreviation for “Level.” Can be used to refer to a characters level (e.g. “Gramosk’s got lvl 50 pally”), or the process of gaining levels. (e.g. “I’m gonna go lvl.”)


Online Gaming; the primary character a player uses.


Gaming term for the amount of points a character has available to cast spells.


See "Mana"


Abbreviation for “Massively Multiplayer Online…” Any online video game that allows a massive amount of people to log on and play.
Other MMO abbreviations include:
MMOG: “Massively Multiplayer Online Game”
MMORPG: “Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game”
MMRPG: “Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying Game”


Online Gaming; a term used to describe a group of monsters.


Online Gaming; used to refer to an alternative charcter used primarily to store items, transport them between characters, or sell them.


An unkind term used to describe an annoying, aggravating, or stupid-acting person. Can also mean new to something. Also written “n00b” or “newb.”


Anyone new to something. This is somewhat less offensive than "noob".


RPG abbrieviation for “Non-Player Character” or “Non-Playable Character.” Designates a character that is not meant to be directly controlled by the person or people playing the game.


Chat abbrieviation for “On my way!” Generally used in reply to a request to go somewhere quickly.


Short form for “Player Killer.” Someone who attacks and kills other players.


Short for "Power level." Refers to the process of a higher level character making a party with one or more lower level characters, and killing mobs of monsters in order for the lower levels to gain exp faster.


Short for "Private Message"


An online gaming term to describe the act of provoking enemies into attacking in order to bring them to your group.


Abbreviation for “Player versus Environment” meaning that the player is fighting against his or her environment and the environment’s inhabitants.


Online Gaming; abbreviation for “Player Versus Player” meaning players can fight against other players as part of the game.


Leet speak; To win, to defeat an opponent, to be better than someone.


Gaming term for resurrecting a dead or incapacitated character. Also frequently written “Res.”


Abbreviation for "Rolling on the floor Laughing"
Similar abbreviations:
ROFLMAO, short for "Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off"
LMAO, short for "Laughing my ass off"


Online gaming term for when a monster is generated by the game. Monsters can spawn at either fixed points or in any random point on the world map. Also sometimes referred to as a “pop.”


Abbreviation for "Spirit."


Abbreviation for “Strength.”


1. Any durable, fighter-type character in a video game, usually heavily armored with quite a large amount of hp.

2. When such a character gains the most aggro and takes the brunt of a damage dealt by a monster so the others fighting it can do so more effectively.


This actually started out at a typo of the word “the” but has gained a life of it’s own. Now misspelled intentionally, it’s usually used in leet speak to emphasize the word it preceeds. (i.e “Jasson is teh dork!” or “That is teh l33t!”)


Abbreviation for "Till next level." (i.e "I have 35% tnl")


1. A way of expressing excitement like “Whoohoo!” or “Yay!” in gaming.

2. An expression of agreement.
(Also written “w00t,” “wOOt,” and “WOOT”)


Abbreviation for “Want to Buy"


Abbreviation for “Want to Sell”


Abbreviation for “Want to trade”

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Commonly Used Game Terms or Abbreviations
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