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 **Expedition Guide**

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PostSubject: **Expedition Guide**   Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:25 am

Check for more info !: http://2moons.acclaim.com/2moons-expedition/webguide/

Ill decided to take a chance making our own guild level range list for everyone to help make or join party Smile.

Where to start? : You will have to have 10.000 DIL to travel to island of expedition.
After you gathered this large amount of DIL..... Requies is the place you must go.

You will also need 50.000 DIL for lowest Expedition Karon's transport ship C (1-80 levels) ->
100.000 DIL for Karon's transport ship B (81-101 levels)
150.000 DIL for Karon's transport ship A (102-119 levels)
200.000 DIL for Karon's transport ship S (120+ levels)

All expeditions cost a little more than for smaller level range.

You must have atleast 2 full parties to participate in Expedition and maximum of 3 full parties (12 people minimum, 18 people max.)

Once you are in Requies check map for -> Karon's transport ship (Instance).

When you come to the west side of the map to Transport ship NPC. You must give NPC the 10.000 DIL.

!! NOTE!! In picture you see the first NPC window BUT. After you press to go second window it asks 10k only NOT 85.000 DIL Smile. So dont worry. !!END OF NOTE!!

After you paid up and travel to "The Qualines" -island(?) where expedition's happen you can check the map for NPC's listed belowe (read along).

You can also buy pots n stuff at Shop NPC (npc Kashu) in middle of expedition NPC's but not during runs obviously Wink Smile.

i hope Admins see this so they could accomplish this more better! Smile
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**Expedition Guide**
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