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 Game Safety

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PostSubject: Game Safety   Sat May 16, 2009 11:03 pm

It's important to keep your account and items safe.

Do not give your login info to anyone.

Hackers can steal your login info in many ways, so change your password frequently. The most secure passwords are long, and contain random letters (include caps too) and numbers. You can use this site to have a password generated for you.

Do not make a trade with anyone you don't know. Always buy or sell from a shop. Tiame just informed me about someone making a trade that was worth 35 mil with someone (the person was buying), he tricked the seller out of the dil by entering the amount, confirming, and then right before the other person confirmed, removing the dil, and acquiring the items. This person told the seller that the dil was gone from his inventory, and that the seller needed to relog in order to fix the "glitch". The seller relogged, and came back to find the person gone, and the money still was not there.

Feel free to post any other safety tips you may have, as well as names of characters who are known hackers or thieves.
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Game Safety
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